New Home Construction

Our focus is new residential construction. It’s where we started and what we know best.

Residential Spec Homes

With our focused approach, we have created house plans that appeal to a wide demographic.

Residential Custom Homes

A niche market emerged in the last few years that we call “semi spec home.”


Planning Ahead

A few things to think about as you move forward with purchasing a spec home or semi spec home.
You can see that personalities and characteristics are at the core of the building or buying path. We are happy to offer both experiences to suit wherever you are in your life. Most importantly, you end the day with the home you wanted and the experience you chose in the biggest investment of your life. Truly, you’re home now.

Frank & Callie

Building is all I have done. I began framing housings in 1991 and ventured into my own business in 1995. I continued this until 2004, when through much prayer; my wife and I decided that we would build a Spec house in Nixa. I found a profound sense of satisfaction in bringing my vision to life – from the piece of paper it was drawn on to the last nail that was put in the home.