About us

About Us

The most common question I get asked is “How long have you been building?”

The short answer is – Building is all I have done. I began framing housings in 1991 and ventured into my own business in 1995. I continued this until 2004, when through much prayer; my wife and I decided that we would build a Spec house in Nixa. I found a profound sense of satisfaction in bringing my vision to life – from the piece of paper it was drawn on to the last nail that was put in the home.

This is why we at Linville Construction take so much pride in our homes; it is our business, our blood.

Building a home should be an exciting adventure, not a stressful one. Working with me will ensure that your experience is one surrounded by positivity, not one in which you experience many sleepless, anxious nights.

I am not your typical builder who hires superintendents to oversee the job sites. I am on-site every day. Not only that, but I do most of the work myself. My experience gives me the benefit of knowing what materials cost, which ones work best and most of all, knowing how much time it takes sub-contractors to finish their jobs. The sub-contractors that I work with, I have years of experience with and they meet my standards – they are true craftsmen in their trade.

One last thing I would like you to know – The clients that I have worked with in the past, are still my clients. I have so many success stories:

The freshly married wedding couple who are so excited to start life together in a new home; the working mother who has always rented but scraped by enough and finally purchased her first home; the couple who says “this is our dream home; this is our ‘finally’ home.” Handing over the keys brings me absolute joy and I remain in touch with my clients.

I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to meet with you, whether you are just starting out or building your “finally” home – Let me help your dream come true.

Frank Linville

About Us


New construction homes for sale in Misty Meadows subdivision in Nixa, MO

Planning Ahead

A few things to think about as you move forward with purchasing a spec home or semi spec home.
You can see that personalities and characteristics are at the core of the building or buying path. We are happy to offer both experiences to suit wherever you are in your life. Most importantly, you end the day with the home you wanted and the experience you chose in the biggest investment of your life. Truly, you’re home now.